3 Tips to Keeping Your Pets at a Healthy Weight

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A key aspect of prolonging your pet’s life is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Any furry family member can benefit from these three easy tips for maintaining a healthy weight. Here are three tips to ensure your pet stays at a healthy weight!

Healthy Eating Habits

As a pet owner, you understand that you should keep your pet well-nourished with proper feeding. But, sometimes food can be detrimental to an animal’s weight. Keep a schedule for feeding frequency, which may vary depending on the type of pet you have. Generally, twice per day, eating will do. There is a host of brands and food selections, but the key is to keep the potions marginal and scheduled. Table scraps, snacks throughout the day, and extras can add up quickly in terms of fat and caloric content. Also, be sure your pet has a clean source of water. Water will aid in digestion, and while it may mean more trips outside for breaks, keeping your pet hydrated will keep him/her healthy too.

Ample Exercise

Different animals and breeds have varying needs concerning exercise. However, it is typically a good idea to have your pet up to move as often as possible. Larger breed dogs, of course, will need more room to stretch their legs and run. Birds, bunnies, and cats, on the other hand, while they need to engage in overall mobility, might not require as much room to do so. Keep your pets on the move and ensure they have the space they need to stretch properly.

Regular Vet Visits

Keeping your pets at a healthy weight means also managing potential symptoms you can’t see. Routine vet visits can help you stay on top of possible conditions that cause or lead to weight fluctuation. Different animals present different risks, but the only way to diagnose a thyroid or diabetes problem is with the help of veterinary professionals and testing. You’re furry loved one may need medication to sustain a healthy weight.

For more tips or specific recommendations for your type of pet, contact us! We’re your ally in managing your pet’s health and are here to ensure he/she lives the longest, healthiest life with you.