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Much like our Veterinary staff, our grooming staff shares the same philosophy of keeping your pet healthy, comfortable and pain-free while in their care. The grooming staff is trained and experienced in caring for your pets needs. Read about our full service pet grooming:

Regular Grooming Can Help With the Health of Your Pet

It is true that regular visits to the vet can help keep your pet healthy. Did you know that regular grooming can also help with pet health? A trip to the groomer is unlike most contact your pet will have with people. Groomers will see, up close, all areas of your pet’s skin and they can notice changes in health that you may not have noticed. For example, spotting a new growth hidden by hair or noticing an imbalance in sebum production, causing oily skin. Both of those things can be signs of health issues. Our services include:

Bathing Services

Maintenance Baths – Is your pet a little stinky? We can help, our bathing services include bath and blow dry, nail filing, ear cleaning, and gland expression.

Deshedding Baths – In addition to regular maintenance bathing, we also offer deshedding baths. We use the FURminator Deshedding Solution to aid in removing undercoat and promoting healthy hair regrowth. This service also includes nail filing, ear cleaning, and gland expression.

Medicated Baths – If your pet needs bathing with a prescription shampoo, we can accommodate that as well.

Full-Service Grooming

Maintenance Trims – includes a bath, nail filing, ear cleaning, gland expression, and trimming of the sanitary areas.

Full Body Trims – includes a bath, nail filing, ear cleaning, and an all over trim.

Cat Grooming – Sedation for feline grooming is also available.

Dematting, if possible, may be an additional charge. Pet comfort is our first priority when dealing with matting.

Maintenance Services

Nail Filing – Not time for a groom yet but your pet needs a nail trim? We offer nail trimming only services as well.

The best way to show off your pets new do is to get your pictures taken after a day at the spa, of course! Take a look at the Pet Photography, by Christie Dulaney. The easiest way to get your pet in for grooming is to contact us today!