Home Away From Home: Pet Boarding

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At Andes-Straley Veterinary Hospital, we offer the best in veterinary care for your pets. Did you know that we also offer full-service grooming and pet boarding? The same care and attention to detail we provide through our veterinary care, we offer in our boarding services. When deciding where to board your pets, during your time away from home, consider boarding them with the staff that knows them best.

Our Facility
Our modern boarding areas are on sight and you are welcome to come and tour them, during regular business hours. We are set up to host dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and other exotic animals. All of the boarding areas are inside and climate controlled. There are interior and exterior exercise areas, as well. Our goal is creating an environment where your pet feels as close to the comforts of home as possible.

Dog Boarding
For dogs, we offer indoor runs in a variety of sizes. Each dog will have three exercise times a day. We offer both indoor and outdoor exercise areas. This way when the weather is not permitting fun in the sun, your dog can still have a blast playing around. Our staff is attentive to your dog’s needs and ensuring their health and happiness. Your dog will be provided with fresh water, as well as scheduled meals and potty breaks. We can cater to the needs of dogs with health issues, including those on medications.

Cat Boarding
Cats are generally easy to care for, but when we are away from home they need an environment that suits their needs. We offer cat condos, which have plenty of room for your cat to move around. For recreation, we have an exercise “tree” sure to entice any cat. Cats have their own special area so they don’t have to be bothered by other types of pets. The cat boarding area is maintained throughout the day and your cat will have fresh water, food and regular cleaning of their litter box. There are even areas that offer views of outside, through the windows of the room. We can cater to the needs of cats with health issues, including those on medications.

Birds, Reptiles, and Exotic Pets
We offer boarding services for more than just cats and dogs. We have isolated rooms for birds, reptiles and other exotic pets. Our staff is very knowledgeable and experienced in caring for these types of pets.

A home away from home is the main focus of our boarding services. We can also provide services for your pet while they are boarding, such as grooming, micro-chipping, and other veterinary care. To learn more about our boarding services or to make a reservation, contact us today!