Benefits of Professional Grooming

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There are many ways to ensure your dog is well taken care of. Dogs need exercise, sleep, high-quality meals, and proper care to stay healthy. One thing that often falls off the radar is grooming. Dogs benefit greatly from appropriate grooming sessions, and here is why!


Grooming is taking care of your dog’s appearance, which includes baths, clippings, hair cuts, and more. It is a way to see if any health issues are arising or present. For example, fleas, ticks, mites, gum disease, and so much more. It prevents dogs from experiencing matted hair, which can be extremely painful. Not only that, but mated hair can lead to other health conditions. Proper grooming not only keeps your pup looking pretty but keeps them healthy as well!

Professional Grooming VS DIY

People often debate whether professional grooming is necessary or if you can just do it yourself. Professional grooming is an excellent way to ensure your pet is properly cared for and in good health! Here is why people frequently choose groomers to care for their pups.

Proper tools

There are a few things you can do at home, like bathing, but a groomer has all the right tools you might not have at home. Your groomer has a variety of tools to meet your dog’s exact needs. Different breeds, coats, and hair require different things. Your groomer will have access to various grooming tools, nail clippers, adjustable grooming tables, tub, and more.


A groomer has specific experience on how to groom a dog properly. They will know how to take care of particular breeds and temperaments. For example, if your pup does not enjoy baths, the groomer has the tools and skills to make your dog feel comfortable. If your dog has anxiety about being groomed, the groomer knows how to use their time wisely to ease your dog’s nerves.

Range of Services

There are things that dogs get into that are downright nasty. A groomer will take care of all the disgusting things you most likely don’t want to do yourself. This is their job, and they do it well! They know how to check your dog’s mouth and brush their teeth, bathe them, cut their hair, and so much more. You don’t have to worry about dealing with the mess your dog has made! Leave it to the groomer!

There are so many perks of having your dog professionally groomed. If you are interested in getting your dog professionally groomed, visit us at Andes-Straley Animal Hospital! Not only do we offer grooming services, but doggy daycare and medical services as well. For more information on what Andes-Straley can provide you and your pet with, visit us online here today!