Caring For Your Pet After Surgery

 In General Surgery, Pet Care

If your furry friend has had a procedure, it’s important to provide proper post-surgical care. Your pet will require different care depending on shape, size, and type. Here are a few tips on how to properly care for your dog or cat after surgery.


Dogs are energetic and playful animals by nature. It can be difficult to imagine your pup laying low after surgery. There are a few things you can do to make sure your pet does not tear any stitches or more. One way to encourage your dog to relax is to keep him or her in their crate when you’re not around. This way you know your pup is resting when you are not able to keep an eye on them. When your dog needs to go outside, keep trips short and avoid long walks. This way they are not exerting large spurts of energy, which could affect their healing process. If your dog requires any medication post-surgery, make sure to check in with your vet frequently!


Similar to dogs, it is important to create a safe space for your cat to heal. Some cats are more energetic than others, like kittens for example. To make sure your cat doesn’t hurt themselves you can put them in a larger crate to rest. If you can, try to find a large enough crate to fit a litter box in as well. This way your cat has access to their litter box without having to go far. Depending on your cat’s procedure, it is possible you might need a different type of litter. Rather than the small clay clumps, you can use shredded up newspaper. This is in any pet store, and possibly at your vet’s office. Make sure to check in with your vet throughout your cat’s healing process to ensure it is going smoothly.

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