Companion Animals: Pets are Great For Your Health

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Seeing a happy pet after a long day can make anyone feel better- and there are many reasons why! Companion animals encourage us to stay active, distract us from our daily troubles, and provide companionship when we need it most.

Companion Animals Benefits to Your Physical Health

Dogs might be leading the pack when it comes to keeping their humans active, but other pets can get us off the couch too. Going to the park is just one way that pets help us stay active. They need a bit of exercise too!  This might seem like all fun and games, but regularly playing with your pets can build a closer bond and positively release pent-up energy. Play is important for pets and people of all ages, but adjust the rambunctiousness based on age and ability. To see more of the ways that pets benefit your physical health, check out this article on the “Mood-Boosting Power of Pets.”

Benefits to Your Mental Health

Companion animals alleviate feelings of loneliness by providing unconditional support.  Pets provide a distraction, and a means of coping, through all of life’s ups and downs. All pets have unique personalities that can make us laugh, helping us to relax and stay grounded even when things are stressful. Check out this list from Mental Health America that shows all the great ways pets make us feel great. Building a relationship with a companion animal can help us to grow emotionally and provide us stability in our busy lives. Slobbery kisses are a small price to pay for all of that love.

For all the love they give, make sure to give back with regular check-ups. Andes-Straley Veterinary Hospital is here to ensure your companion is as healthy and happy as possible. For more information on maintaining your pet’s health, be sure to contact us!