Why You Should Consider Professional Pet Grooming

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Professional pet grooming is necessary if you want your pet to be as healthy and happy as possible. Establishing a relationship with a trusted groomer allows your pet to be relaxed and comfortable and ensures that your pet will be given the best care possible during the grooming session.

Health Of Your Pet

Regular grooming is vital to the health of your pet. The groomer checks your pet’s skin, ears, and feet for any issues to prevent complications later on. Early detection of these issues can save your pet’s life! Nail trimming to the appropriate length should be done once a month, so your pet can walk comfortably and easily. Groomers also express the anal glands of dogs. This keeps your dog having proper bowel movements and prevents him from biting or dragging his bum on the ground.

Your Comfort Matters Too

Regular grooming means less shedding and less vacuuming for you! After the grooming session, your pet will arrive back to you washed, smelling good, and with trimmed nails. Any matted fur that was on your pet will have been removed. Brushing your pet will be easy and rewarding for both of you.

Not Just For Dogs

Professional pet grooming is often considered an activity exclusively for dogs. Cats, too, can benefit from professional grooming. Matted fur is a problem for many cats; they cannot remove it themselves. Nail trimming is also essential to having a happy and healthy cat. A groomer will address your cat’s specific issues and return your cat in excellent condition.

Finding a groomer you trust and feel comfortable with is essential. Andes-Straley groomers provide professional grooming services for your pet in a relaxed and pleasant environment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. A healthy pet is a happy pet!