Doggy Daycare Benefits For Your Fur-Babies

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Having dogs is one of life’s greatest privileges. In return for the unconditional love they provide, they deserve TLC even when their owners are busy. Doggy daycare is an excellent way to assure your dog’s needs are met while you’re unavailable, due to work or unexpected situations that may arise. If you’re thinking about sending your dog to daycare, here are some doggy daycare benefits to consider.

Benefits of Doggy Daycare

According to the American Kennel Club, these are six main doggy daycare benefits:

  • The chance to meet and interact with other dogs
  • Mental stimulation
  • Relief of separation anxiety and boredom
  • Exercise
  • Loads of TLC
  • Avoids having strangers in your home

Interact & Play

Giving your pup, no matter how old, the opportunity to frolic with other dogs is a no-brainer. As long as his or her temperament allows, this socialization is much needed. The dog that attends daycare will be accustomed to a variety of doggy personalities and quirks. This comes in handy when you’re out and about with your four-legged family member, at the dog park or even simply out for a walk. Keeping the mind active often goes hand in hand with keeping separation anxiety and boredom at bay, as well. After all, left at home, there’s nothing to distract from the loneliness. All your dog knows is that you’re not there and that he or she misses you terribly. With other dogs to play with, however, and compassionate, trained people offering a constant shower of affection, your dog has a busy day of his or her own ahead!


Of course, all this running around, having a blast, means that your dog gets plenty of physical activity. A sedentary lifestyle can come with health risks of its own, so it’s wise to allow your dog plenty of play time, whether or not you’re free to play, too. These risks, according to The Dog Clinic, include everything from obesity to arthritis. When something as simple, and as fun, as having your pet attend daycare can greatly lessen these possible dangers, it’s pretty impossible to say it’s not worth it.

Lots of Love

Everyone knows that no dog can receive too much TLC. Even when you’re not able to provide it directly, you’re still offering it by ensuring that your dog is being lovingly cared for by trained professionals who have a passion for dogs. Lastly, a huge advantage of taking your dog to daycare is not feeling pressured to allow unfamiliar people into your home in order to care for your pet. You have the comfort of knowing your dog is in a safe, fun environment while keeping your personal environment all to yourself!

All of these things offer something that no one can put a price tag on, and that’s peace of mind. So while your dogs may be big fans of yummy dog snacks, please do consider giving them the best treat of all–making sure that they never feel forgotten. For more information, please contact us to get your pet started on a journey of adventure!


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