Donate To Our Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

 In Wildlife Rehabilitation

Every year, thousands of wild animals are injured in their natural habitat. This could be due to injuries from cars, traps, becoming poisoned, or from fights with other animals. A sick or injured animal will not last long in the wild without being targeted by predators. In these cases, human intervention is needed. At Andreas-Straley Veterinary Hospital, we have our very own wildlife rehabilitation center to help these wounded animals recover in a safe and peaceful environment. Thanks to our compassionate and professional care, we have had many successful releases of the animals that we admit to our facility. Those who recover from their injuries but cannot survive on their own in the wild are handed over to educational facilities to spend the rest of their days happy and healthy. Below is a list of a few items that you can donate.

How Can You Help Injured Wildlife: Donate!

Our rehabilitation center can get very busy during the warmer months of the year. If you’re doing some cleaning and need to get rid of things, our wild patrons would certainly appreciate anything you can spare! We could use the following items:

  • quilts
  • old blankets
  • dog beds
  • towels
  • comforters
  • newspaper
  • sheets
  • stuffed animals or soft toys
  • pillows
  • cardboard boxes

These items will help us create comfortable spaces for all of our recovering wildlife.

If you happen to find an injured wild animal, try not to handle it by yourself. Depending on its injuries, picking up an animal can do it more harm than good. Cover it with a warm towel and keep a close eye on it. Contact your local wildlife center so that they can safely transport the animal to a wildlife rehabilitation center.

By protecting our wildlife with professional veterinary care, we are promoting goodwill towards our earth’s most precious inhabitants. If you’d like to help us with donating supplies, contact our office today.