Don’t Try Clipping Your Bird’s Wings Alone! Here’s Why.

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Keeping your feathered friend safe is top priority. Trimming their primary feathers, also known as wing clipping, can be a valuable tool in preventing accidents like collisions with windows or ceiling fans. But doing it yourself can be risky. Here’s why it’s best to leave it to the professionals:

Ouch! Cutting a Blood Feather.

These feathers have a blood vessel inside, and cutting one leads to heavy bleeding. This can be dangerous, especially for birds with health issues. We know how to spot blood feathers and avoid them. Plus, if one gets nicked, we have supplies to stop the bleeding quickly.

Towel Terror? Not Here!

Nervous birds (and owners!) might find the toweling process stressful. In the struggle, your bird could get hurt, with injuries ranging from broken bones to organ damage. We’re pros at toweling birds calmly and safely, minimizing stress.

Falls and Keel Damage

A proper wing trim lets your bird glide safely and land softly. A bad trim? A nasty fall! Heavy birds might try to fly anyway, tearing their keel muscles. Different birds need different trims. We have the experience to do it right!

Tailored Trims for Your Bird

Before clipping, we discuss your desired flight ability for your bird. We consider escape risks, feather picking, and exercise needs. We help make the safest, happiest choice for your feathered friend.

More Than Just Wings!

We also offer nail and beak trimming services.

Leave it to the Experts!

Wing clipping is just one aspect of proper avian care. We also offer nail and beak trimming services, ensuring your bird remains healthy and comfortable. Contact us today for an appointment and let our experienced professionals take care of your feathered friend, allowing them to enjoy a safe and happy life.