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When people think of pets, they usually think of common options like dogs or cats. People might not know is that more than 116 million fish, birds, small animals, and reptiles reside in homes across the United States. With all these exotic pet options to choose from, it’s important to know about exotic pet care before making your decision!

Exotic Pet Care

Exotic animals are an excellent addition to any home! They offer great companionship to their owners, just like their feline and canine friends. The more popular owners of exotic animals include children and their parents. Nearly 90 percent of households with hamsters have children, and 87 percent of them are under the age of 12. This is important to keep in mind because exotic pet care is a bit different than dogs or cats.


7.2 million households are owners of fish of all shapes and sizes. If you decide to add a fish to your family, make sure to follow these tips. Your fish need enough space, so provide a tank that provides sufficient space. In addition to adequate space, different fish require different water like fresh or salt. Do your research beforehand. Feed your fish a proper diet and clean the tank regularly, and you are good to go!


Birds are an excellent addition to your family. Your bird will likely require a cage to exercise their wings, rest, and eat. The larger the birdcage, the better so your pet has ample space to do the above. Some species of birds enjoy flying in their cage and even toys to play with. For example, a parrot requires toys for chewing while a canary enjoys a bell or swing.

Small Animals

This is a big category within the exotic pet world. Popular small animals include hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, Guinea pigs, rabbits, and even chinchillas. Although these animals are all small, it doesn’t mean their care is the same. They all do better with a place to call their own, like a cage with proper bedding and places to rest.


Another popular type of exotic pet includes reptiles, which are pets to 1.8 million households in the U.S. Providing your reptile the proper environment is essential to their health and success. Most reptiles prefer to live in warmer climates, which is not always possible, so heat lamps are vital to their success. Each reptile has a diet tailored to their needs that pet owners should also follow.

Exotic pets are a lot more popular than most people think. With exotic pets comes specialized veterinary care that not every vet offers. At Andes Straley, we offer a variety of services, including exotic pet care. We work closely with owners on issues such as diet, behavior, and housing. To learn more about exotic pet care, you can contact us online here!