Familiarizing Your Cat With The Carrier

 In Pet Care

A carrier can become your cat’s worst enemy very fast. Unfortunately, unlike dogs, most cats do not walk on leashes. As a result, carriers are the main way cats are transported. It’s important your cat feels comfortable with their carrier, otherwise you have some big battles ahead of you. Here are our two ways to help your cat with their carrier.


One of the best ways to familiarize your cat with their carrier is by keeping it in their range of eyesight. Most of the time, carriers remain in a closet or garage and don’t make an appearance until it needs to be used. This creates natural anxiety for your cats. Your furry friend is less likely to get into a carrier they have never seen before. It’s a foreign object, and the only times it’s out is if you’re leaving. By keeping it in your cat’s constant eyesight and space, they will begin to normalize its presence. It will no longer be an item of fear or the unknown, but rather something they’re used to seeing daily. Your cat will be more likely to approach an object they’ve seen before, than one they have not.


A great way to entice your cat to get in their carrier is by using treats. Food can be an excellent motivator for some animals. If you can, place a few treats or dry food in the back of the carrier. Wait patiently until your furry friend walks to the back of the carrier, then close the latch behind them. In addition, treats are a great way to reward desired behavior. If your cat goes into the crate themselves, reward them with treats. This reiterates the behavior.

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