What First Time Ferret Owners Should Know

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It’s hard not to fall in love with a ferret when you first see one. These little guys are cuddly, intelligent, and have just as much energy as any dog. Despite their small size, taking care of a ferret is often a big undertaking. If you’ve decided that you need a ferret in your life, make sure you know what goes into owning one to give it the best home possible.

Ferrets are highly intelligent.

You can teach a ferret to do many things, such as simple tricks or using a litterbox. Their superior intellect also makes them more likely to get into trouble, especially when they’re younger. They’re prone to chewing at electrical cords or stealing small objects. They’re very resourceful about finding new ways to get what they want, so ensure you’re closely supervising them when they’re out of their cage.

Ferrets need a lot of exercise

Even though ferrets can sleep up to 18 hours a day, they’re far from lazy. Ferrets are hyperactive creatures that love exploring, running, jumping, and having fun with their owners! A healthy ferret needs at least 3-4 hours of playtime daily to prevent obesity and behavior problems.

Ferrets have a unique smell

No matter how much you bathe your ferret or clean its cage, it will always have a musky smell because of the scent glands in their skin. It’s not unpleasant to most people, but you should familiarize yourself with it before committing to owning a ferret.

Ferrets live a long time

Ferrets are not rodents whose lifespan is typically only a couple of years. A healthy ferret can live to be ten years old.

Ferrets should be vaccinated

All ferrets need to be given a rabies shot. They are also at high risk of catching canine distemper from dogs, which is fatal in almost every ferret who comes into contact with the virus. Make sure you’re regularly taking your ferret to a knowledgeable exotic vet.

Ferrets are carnivores

While feeding them prepackaged ferret food might be tempting, this is not in their best interests. Most of the time, that food is mainly made of fillers with no nutritional value for your pet. Ferrets need a consistent diet of high protein and fat. They can eat raw meat or freeze-dried meat. Since cats are also carnivores, you can feed your ferret high-quality kitten food as well.


Ferrets can be very affectionate companions to owners who treat them right. For more information about how to take care of ferrets and other exotic pets, contact us, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.