Flea and Tick Prevention Approaches for Pets

 In Pet Care

There is nothing that annoys pets than ticks and fleas. Dog owners know that the pets’ soft fur and warm body act as favorable places for the pesky pests to thrive. After the fleas and ticks move into your pets’ bodies, they start feeding on their blood and can cause numerous health problems. Flea and tick prevention is important in preventing your pets from suffering from adverse health effects.

There are several ways through which you can prevent fleas and ticks from infesting your pets, including;

Regular Inspection of Your Pets

You can prevent flea and tick infestation by systematically arranging for inspection of your pets. You can inspect your pets by looking at different parts of their bodies. For example, for dogs you can feel bumps over the body or look between the toes.

Mow the Grass in Your Lawn to Short Heights

You can prevent ticks and fleas for your pets by mowing the grass on your lawn to short heights. You need to avoid walking on grassy patches in tick areas. Besides, you need to remove leaf litters from your yard.

Treat Your Multiple Pets at the Same Time

When you have several pets, you need to treat them at the same time. Treating them at the same time helps in preventing cross infestation. Also, you can keep your pets away from other pets during flea season to minimize the risk of infestation.

Treat the Pets’ Surrounding at the Same Time

When treating your pets, you must also treat their surroundings. For example, washing their bedding in hot water with soap. Also, you need to vacuum clean your carpets and sofas. After completing the cleaning process, empty the vacuum cleaning containers far from your home.

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