Grooming: A Dapper Pet Is A Healthier Pet

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Pet grooming transcends brushing your pet and tying colorful bows, and it is an essential part of the general health and the general well-being of your pet. Constantly grooming your pet allows you to discover any underlying conditions that are potentially detrimental to its health and have them treated early enough before they progress.

Most animals do not enjoy grooming procedures such as ear cleaning and nails clipping, so most pet owners regularly find it easier to take their pets for professional grooming services. It is important to start grooming your pet early to help the animal get used to the process sooner than later.

Procedures of Grooming Pets

Nail Trimming

Untrimmed, pet nails can get sharp and cause injury to the pet and pet owner. Regular trimming reduces the risk of injury, ingrowth of nails, and damage to furniture and upholstery.

Cleaning Ears

Cats and dogs are susceptible to ear infections and parasite infestation; regular cleaning is necessary to remove parasites and check for abnormalities such as swellings.

Eye Trimming

If the hairs around the eyes are not trimmed, they increase the risk of eye infection. The pet’s eyes should be bright, bouncy, and clear. A veterinarian should check watery eyes and sores.

Brushing Teeth

Regular brushing is essential to prevent periodontal disease. If your pet has an odorous breath, it is an indication of dental health issues, and a veterinarian will recommend toothbrushes and different kinds of toothpaste for your pet.


Bathing your pet, especially dogs, is essential in ensuring that it stays clean and germ-free. However, bathing your dog many times over can be detrimental to its health since it clears all the natural oils contained in its skin. This can cause itchy dry skin resulting in infection when scratched; it is vital to enquire from your veterinarian the best bathing schedule recommended for the particular breed of your pet dog.

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