Heat Exhaustion in Pets: 6 Warning Signs

 In Pet Care

With summer arriving, we need to be mindful of heat exhaustion in pets. We love taking them with us on our outdoor activities, so it’s crucial that we know the signs of them overheating.  It can save their lives!

It goes without saying, never leave your pet unattended in your car for any amount of time. Cracking the windows won’t help and the outcome will never be pretty.

Some pets are kept strictly outdoors (although we wish this was not the case) and therefore must be given proper shelter, ventilation, and water supply.

When taking them anywhere with you, always keep water handy.  Avoid taking them with you for exercise in the hot afternoon hours and instead, opt for morning or evening hours so the sun and heat are not as strong.

Dogs with heavy coats or flat faces don’t fare as well in the heat.  Obese and senior pets are also at higher risk of succumbing to heat exhaustion.

Signs of Heat Exhaustion in Pets to Watch For

  1. Excessive Panting
    Like after a long run, but they haven’t been running.  This is especially noticeable in cats since it’s not normal for them to pant.
  2. Dry Nose
    We know that a dry nose is a sign of our furry buddy not feeling well, but it’s also a sign they are overheated.
  3. Excessive, Thick Drooling
  4. Weakness/Fatigue
    Your pet will appear weak and may struggle to stand up and walk.  They may start shaking or even collapse.
  5. Vomiting/Diarrhea
  6. Discolored Gums and Tongues
    They will appear as bright red, deep purple, bluish, or even very pale.

Being aware of these signs will help you notice changes in your furry friend before it’s too late.

If your pet is exhibiting any abnormal behavior after being exposed to heat, please contact us as soon as possible.