Help! I Found A Stray Animal!

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Encountering a stray animal can be a challenging situation, but knowing the right steps to take can make a significant difference. Here are essential tips on what to do when you find a stray animal:

Assessment: Upon discovering a stray animal, the first crucial step is to assess the situation. Approach with caution, as not all animals may be friendly immediately. Fear or injury could contribute to their initial apprehension. To ensure the safety of both you and the animal, evaluate the environment. If it’s unsafe or the animal appears aggressive, contact an animal rescue organization for professional assistance. In cases where the stray seems approachable, move slowly and speak calmly in a quiet voice to avoid startling the animal.

Veterinary Care: Following the initial assessment, promptly examine the animal for any signs of injuries, cuts, wounds, or distress. If injuries are apparent, seek immediate medical attention from a veterinary professional. Some injuries may appear minor but can pose severe risks to the animal’s well-being. Regardless of visible injuries, contacting a local vet is crucial for further evaluation.

Many pets are microchipped, containing information about their owner. To access this information, a vet’s office must scan the chip. Common scenarios include registered chips without contact information, chips with complete details, or no chip at all. If the pet has an owner, reach out to them promptly. In the absence of an owner, discuss potential options with your vet.

If you find yourself in the situation of discovering a stray animal, Andes-Straley Veterinary is here to help. Our comprehensive services include pet care, grooming, boarding, and more. Rescuing a stray is a commendable act, and with the support of your vet, the process can be more manageable. For further assistance and information, contact us online today!