Help! I Found A Stray Animal!

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Have you recently found a stray animal and unsure what to do next? These are common tips on what to do when you find a stray animal.


The first thing to do when you find a stray is to assess the situation. Not all animals are friendly at first, and this could be for a variety of reasons, like they’re scared or hurt. As a result, it’s essential to assess the situation to ensure it’s safe for both you and the animal. If the situation is not safe, contact an animal rescue organization to pick up the animal. In some cases, the animal might trust you right away and come directly towards you. If this is the case, move slowly and speak calmly in a quiet voice, so you don’t startle the animal.

Veterinary Care

The next step is to quickly evaluate the animal to look for any injuries, cuts, wounds, etc. If the animal seems injured, you should seek medical attention right away. Some injuries may look minor, but in reality, they can be very dangerous for the animal, so it’s important to contact a medical professional. Even if the animal is not injured, it’s important to contact your local vet for a few other reasons.

Most pets are microchipped, which means they have a chip under their skin registered to their owner. The only way to read this chip is by scanning it at a vet’s office. Common occurrences include registered chips but no contact information to a previous owner, a chip with contact information, or no chip at all. If the pet has an owner, you should contact the owner right away to let them know where their pet is located. If the animal does not have an owner, it’s up to your discretion on what to do next. Some people take the stray as their own, or other options can be discussed with your vet.

If you have recently found a stray animal, contact Andes-Straley Veterinary for help! At Andes, we provide a variety of services, including pet care, grooming, boarding, and more. Rescuing an animal is a courageous thing to do, and the process can be made easier with the support of your vet. For more information, contact us online here today!