How Pets Benefit Human Health

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Did you know that owning a pet is beneficial to your mental and physical health? Not only do pets something new into our lives, but they benefit us as well. Here are two major ways pet ownership benefits human health.

Mental Health

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in emotional support animals in our society. That is because owning a pet has emotional benefits to it. According to the Mental Health Foundation, a pet can be a great source of comfort, companionship, and motivation for their owners. If you are feeling lonely or maybe suffering from depression, a pet can be a great motivator for you. For example, dogs require consistent exercise. This can motivate the owner to get up and exercise, which in turn, helps release endorphins. Not only that but sometimes having a furry friend to pet and share your daily routines with can be very rewarding. Having a pet is also known to benefit those who need help socializing, feel withdrawn, and are older. Pets also can help both children and adults with ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, and so much more.

Physical Health

As stated before, pets often need exercise. The one person that can help exercise your pet, is you! As a result, your health can improve due to an increase in exercise. Exercising has excellent physical benefits including:

  • Reduce the risk of heart attack
  • Weight management
  • Lower blood cholesterol levels
  • Lower risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Low blood pressure
  • Strong bones
  • Increase in energy
  • Better sleep
  • Mood boost

The choice of your pet will depend on the results you are looking for. If you are looking for a pet to help keep you active, you will likely not want to choose a cat. A dog would be the best option to get you outdoors and in the morning. In addition, if you are looking for more of a quiet companion to lounge with you, a cat will be the better choice. Essentially, your mental and physical health outcomes will depend on the type of companion you seek. In the end, any pet will make you feel better!

For more information on pet ownership and the health benefits it brings, check out Andes-Straley Hospital. At Andes- Straley we offer a variety of services including general check-ups, procedures, grooming, and so much more. If you have recently acquired a new companion, bring them in for a check-up! You can contact us online here or call us at (423) 378-4443 today!