How Can I Give My Cat Medicine

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Cats are not generally cooperative when it comes to taking medication. However, with some persuasion, most will tolerate taking necessary medicine for a few days. What do you do when you need to give your cat medicine and they won’t take it?

My Cat Won’t Take His Medicine!

Don’t despair; there are options. Specialized pet pharmacies offer more treatment alternatives than ever before. Most of the larger pet pharmacies also offer convenient online ordering of refills and overnight mail-order delivery.


Concealing pills or liquids in a cat’s food has historically been the first option for pet owners. What if your pet has discovered how to eat around the pill or the medicine soaks into the food? Medicated treats available from pet pharmacies have medication completely mixed or “compounded” into the treat. This prevents your cat from eating around the medication. High-quality flavors make giving medication easy to even the most finicky of cats. Many places will also provide non-medicated trial treats in different flavors to test on your furry friend.


Suspensions contain medicine in a liquid form. These come flavored to make the medication more appetizing and often come preloaded in syringes for you. This allows the owners of biters to squirt medicine in their pet’s mouth while keeping their fingers out of the danger zone. When the liquid is swallowed, it stays swallowed!

Transdermal Gels

Transdermal gels are a great option for chronic medical conditions requiring long-term daily treatment. With transdermal gels, the medication mixes with a carrier that absorbs through the skin. The gel comes preloaded into multi-dose syringes. A pea-size amount is applied to the inside of the ear, not the ear canal.

Cats are living longer with better management of chronic conditions. Owners of difficult felines don’t have to give up! At Andes Straley, we have a variety of medical options to meet your cat’s needs. Contact us online here for more information on how to give your cat medicine.