How To Introduce Your Cats

 In Pet Care

Adding another furry feline to your family is an exciting decision, whether it’s a kitten or an adult cat. If you have another cat at home, you’ll want to take careful steps to introduce the two cats together. Here’s how you can introduce your cats to one another.


The first thing you should do is create a separate space for the new kitty. This gives them a chance to adjust to a new environment calmly and safely. Imagine going somewhere you’ve never been and just expected to blend right in. That would be extremely overwhelming, which is exactly how your new cat might feel. Make sure to include a litter box, food, water, and a comfortable place to sleep. If it’s a kitten, you can always include some toys as well! Please do your best not to allow the other cat into this room; remember, you want it to be totally separate for your new furry friend.


Once you’ve brought your new pet home, introduce them to their space. It might take them a moment to explore their new surroundings, so be patient. If you have other family members, this is a good time to introduce one at a time to your new pet slowly. If you have children, be sure to be present when they are meeting the new animal. It’s important to be patient and move slowly and calmly around the new animal, so you don’t scare them.


When you feel your new cat is comfortable in their space, you can begin the different stages of introductions with your other cat. Do not expect the two to be friends immediately. It will take time for both the new and current cat to adjust to their new friend. You can start by keeping the new cat in their new room and letting the other cat smell them from the other side of the door. Be sure to keep the door shut. This gives them a chance to familiarize new smells.

Another trick is by feeding both cats near the door, so while they are eating, they can smell the other. This teaches them to associate the new smell with something positive, like feeding time. Over time, if you feel they are getting comfortable with each other, you can try opening the door and placing a baby gate or something in between the two of them while you feed them. This allows them to see the other cat and associate where the scent is from.

If you find your cats are completely comfortable with one another, you can let them out simultaneously. It’s important to be there any time your cats are interacting for the first few times they’ve known each other. This keeps both animals safe. If you are having trouble introducing your cats to one another, you can also call your vet!

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