Importance of Exotic Pet Care

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Pets of all shapes and sizes require proper veterinary care in order to stay healthy. Some veterinarians only see typical household pets like cats and dogs, while others see exotic animals. At Andes-Straley we see both exotic and household pets. If you own an exotic pet, make sure they receive the proper care like any other animal. This is why it is so important to care for exotic pets.

Exotic Pets

What is considered an exotic pet? Usually, people think of lions, tigers, or other wild animals when they hear the word exotic. Typical pets in homes that are not cats or dogs can be considered exotic pets. For example, birds, ferrets, hedgehogs, and sugar gliders fall into that category. In addition, reptiles, birds, and pocket pets are known as exotic as well. The term pocket pet refers to smaller animals such as mice, rats, bunnies, hamsters, and guinea pigs. If you own any of these animals, you are considered an exotic pet owner. As an owner, you must provide proper exotic care to your animals to ensure they live a long and healthy life.

Proper Care

Proper care goes beyond vet appointments. It includes proper environments, diet, and exercise. Each animal is different and what they need will be based on their individuality. For example, a lizard requires a tank and heat lamp for their environment. A bird, on the other hand, will need a large cage and a perch to sit on. As stated before, things will differ with each animal, but that is why it is important to know what your pet needs. Here is a quick outline of what some exotic animals may need. Caring for an exotic pet is different than a cat or dog. If this is your first exotic pet, do you research beforehand so you are prepared. Schedule an appointment with an exotic pet veterinarian when you bring your new friend home. This way you know your pet is in good health!

For more information on exotic pet care, check out Andes-Straley Veterinarian. At Andes-Straley, our doctors and staff are trained to provide high-quality medical care for all of our patients. Our goal is to deliver this care in a compassionate way for all animals – feathered, scaled, or otherwise. Our exotic pet services include:

  • wellness and problem-based appointments
  • digital radiography
  • soft tissue and orthopedic surgery
  • nutrition, behavioral, and husbandry counseling
  • avian, small mammal, and reptile boarding
  • in-house laboratory that provides many diagnostic test results
  • exotic pet boarding
  • wing, beak, and nail trims

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