Importance of Microchipping Your Pet

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Here are the most common questions we receive about microchipping your pet!


What is microchipping?

Microchipping is a small chip that is placed between your pet’s shoulder blades that has a specific code on it. This will be done in your vet’s office administered by the doctor. A small needle is placed under the skin to place the tiny chip in between the shoulder blades.

Is it painful?

Veterinarians compare microchipping to a blood draw. It is a needle so it can be uncomfortable but it is extremely bearable and most pets don’t even flinch! Some people choose to do this during other procedures like spay and neutering.

How will people know they are my pet?

If your pet gets lost and brought into any veterinarian office, the first thing they will do is scan the chip. When you first have your pet microchipped you will be required to fill out paperwork. Your information will be put into a system that matches your pet’s chip. As a result, when the chip is scanned your contact information will come up.

Is it necessary?

We highly recommend microchipping your pet for a variety of reasons. Up to eight million animals end up in a shelter every year whether they run away, get lost, or even stolen. One of the best ways to increase your chances of finding your pet if they are lost is by microchipping them. This is the best way to prove ownership of your pet as well, especially in cases of stolen animals.

Where can I have this done?

You can bring your pet to your veterinarian’s office and they can do it for you there! Most shelters microchip your pet before you bring them home as well.

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