Is Doggy Daycare A Good Idea?

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Are you wondering if sending your pup to doggy daycare is a good idea? Let’s look at all the benefits for both humans and your furry friend.

A Tired Dog Is A Good Dog

Just as we get mental stimulation from socializing with friends, so do our pets! Spending a day playing with their fellow four-legged friends can provide the physical and mental stimulation they need. As a result, boredom-induced self-destructive behaviors will become non-existent. Plus, a good night’s sleep will follow. If you know you’ve got a day full of stressful meetings, or a long workday, sending your dog to daycare is an excellent option. They’ll have a fun day burning off their energy, and will be ready for movies and snuggles when you get home. Even one or two days a week at doggy daycare can help keep your dog from finding bad habits to cure their boredom when they’re at home.

Manners, Making Friends and Curing Loneliness

Socializing for dogs isn’t quite as easy as it is for humans. They can’t just pick up the phone and invite their friend over for dinner. At doggy daycare, your dog will run and socialize with their friends, all under the watchful eye of daycare staff. While some dogs are perfectly content with napping all day, some dogs get lonely. The loneliness can lead to depression, weight gain, destructive behaviors, or even separation anxiety. Daycare can help with all of that. A consistent routine of going a few days a week can be a cure for loneliness and help keep your dog in shape. Socializing with other dogs not only helps teach manners during playtime but also builds confidence and ease anxiety.

The best part of doggy daycare is all the love your dog will receive during the day. Our staff is dedicated to the wellbeing of every animal we care for. From head pets to nose boops, and after lunch snuggle sessions, we are there to love your dogs like our own! If you are interested in learning more about our doggy daycare, check us out online here!