Keep Your Pet Safe During Car Rides

 In Pet Care

Is your pet going to be a passenger on the next summer road trip? It’s important to make sure that they are safe and comfortable during the journey. Cars weren’t designed for our animal friends, so you should never leave them unrestrained in the backseat. Here’s a few options for you to consider to keep your pet safe during car rides:

Seat Belts
These safety belts are made for dogs, with a strap that clicks into your cat’s seat belt holder. They can be adjusted as needed and keep your dog in one spot for the duration of the drive.

Zipline Harnesses
Many smaller dogs are very active, and being inside a moving car excites them even more! You can attach their leash to a zipline harness, which can be stretched across the cargo area or bench seat. This is great for small dogs that need a lot of wiggle room, or for an adventurous feline.

Pet Barrier
For the pet that loves to move around your car trying to get the best view, it’s best to let them ride in the cargo area. You can put up a metal guard to keep them safely confined while still being able to see their surroundings. This also gives them a lot of room to move around and prevents them from being tossed around due to sudden stops or turns.

Elevated Box Seats
These were designed for small pets who experience a lot of anxiety while in a car. This plush holder keeps them above the car seat so that they feel more steady. You can also attach their harness to the box for added security.

Pet Carriers
For many smaller animals, a pet crate or carrier is the best option. If your pet isn’t fond of traditional hard crates, consider getting one made of fabric. The carrier should be big enough to allow your pet to stand up and turn around. Place the carrier on the back seat and secure it with the seat belt.

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