Keeping Your Furry Friend’s Paws Safe

 In Pet Care

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your furry friend happy, especially while being outside. As much as dogs love going for a walk, standing on concrete during the summer can make it unbearable. It is essential to keep your furry friend’s paws safe on hot surfaces, such as concrete.  It’s easy to overlook this painful detail since you’re probably used to wearing shoes, but this is why investing in dog paw heat protection is more than necessary for your pup’s well-being — it’s essential.

Simple accessories like dog paw nonslip booties can protect your fur baby’s feet from the heat, but they’ll no doubt take some getting used to. You can consider many products for your pup, but nothing beats moving your walk to the beginning or end of the day. The air and the pavement will be less scalding, which will also benefit you!

Is the concrete too hot for their paws? 

Although canine and human bodies react differently to heat, it’s always a good idea to wait to exercise if you feel uncomfortable in the heat. If you’re feeling unwell, your pup probably is, too. Even if you feel fine, your dog’s skin, body, and paws can be more susceptible to damage.

The traditional rule of thumb is as follows: Hold the back of your hand to the concrete surface for five to seven seconds. If you have to pull your hand away or are uncomfortable, it’s too hot to walk your dog.

How to protect their paws

If your pup is walking during a warm time of day, heat-protective dog shoes can do wonders for saving their paws. Many dog booties are weatherproof and puncture-proof. These shoes are fitted and stretchy, so they’ll conform to your dog’s paws for the best fit. Plus, with a reflective strap, you’ll be seen while walking!

A pup-safe paw balm can provide moisture and relief for paws exposed to heat or need extra TLC. You can use a product like this before walks, but this alone is not enough to keep paws safe from heat damage. If used as an extra precaution during a morning walk, though, it can be a great help.