Keeping Your Pet Safe While Traveling

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Whether you’re taking your pet on a fun car ride or traveling to a new destination, it’s essential to keep them safe in the car. For people, there is an abundance of measures in place to keep us safe while we travel, with pets not so much. So it’s our job as their owner to ensure they are safe when we’re on the go. Here are things you can do to keep your animal safe while traveling.


There are different safety measures you can put into place while traveling with your canine. Your dog’s size will determine the type of precautions you will need to put in place when you travel together. Smaller dogs will likely need more measures simply because of their weight. One recommendation for smaller dogs is to encourage the use of a crate or booster seat. Your animal will be the safest in a crate, but sometimes crates cause more anxiety on the dog than necessary. A booster seat attaches to the car seat and typically has a place to secure your dog’s harness. Booster seats help smaller dogs feel more comfortable because they are placed higher, so they can see better. Also, they have their own space that might not seem as suffocating as a crate. For a larger dog, we also recommend a crate, safety harness, or even a mesh barrier to keep your furry friend in the back seat. The best thing you can do to keep your dog safe while traveling is keeping them in the backseat as well. No distractions for the driver, all while keeping your beloved pet safe.


Cats are a bit different than dogs, but not by much. The safety measures you put in place for smaller dogs are similar to those with cats. Since your cat is not the size of a large dog, the mesh barrier is unnecessary. As stated above, a pet crate is the safest place for your animal. Cats might not travel in the car as much as dogs do so the experience could be nerve-wracking. By placing your kitty in a carrier or crate, you are providing them their own place to hide. Make sure to place the crate in a comfortable position, preferably in the back seat. You can always strap in the crate with a seat belt if necessary too. One tip for keeping cats calm in the car is providing familiar objects in their crate. Throw in their favorite blanket and toys to help them relax.

If you are traveling by air with any animal, you need to check with the airline first. Every airline is different when it comes to their pet policy, so don’t assume anything without double-checking. When you fly with your pet, you need to have a crate accessible at all times. Dogs can walk on leashes throughout the airport, but they need to have a crate available if necessary at any moment. Cats should always travel by carrier when flying. Be sure to know where pet stations are during your trip, so your pets have the option to potty and stretch if needed.

To learn more about keeping your pet safe while traveling, visit Andes-Straley Veterinarian Hospital. If you are worried about traveling with your pet, contact your vet, and they can help. Some animals might need medication to calm their anxieties, and some might need a quick check-up before you go. To schedule an appointment, you can visit us online or call us at (423) 378-4443 today!