Luxury Boarding Facilities Benefits

 In Pet Boarding

Most pet lovers wonder what to do when they have a business trip or a busy schedule, and  have nobody to watch over their dog. Some people leave their pets alone, locked in their kennels. As a caring owner, you are responsible for your pet’s comfort and safety. Pests are important members of our families and they deserve a decent living even when we are away.  Leaving your pet alone isn’t the best option when you can take them to a luxury boarding facility. Pets luxury boarding is like a kids’ daycare, where you can leave your pet for as long as you are away and be sure they are in a safe environment.

The pros of luxury boarding are:

Better socialization and company

When you leave your pet at a boarding facility, be sure they will never be alone or bored. Boarding areas allow your pets to socialize with other animals, create bonds, and they play together. This helps limit isolation anxiety in sensitive pets.

Luxury Boarding Comfort and safety

You can’t be at peace, leaving your pet alone for a day. Boarding areas are designed to ensure maximum pet safety. They have enclosed kennels, CCTV surveillance, and emergency alarms.

Luxury Boarding Professional care

Pet boarding homes have experienced caregivers who understand animal needs better. They will monitor their feeding behavior, sleeping, and provide adequate attention. The caregivers are licensed; thus, their professionalism is unquestionable.

Supervised exercise sessions

You won’t be around your pet to take that routine evening walk in the park. At the luxury boarding, the caregivers have a schedule on when the animals get to feed, sleep, and exercise. There are allocated exercising grounds where pets interact and play.  Moreover, these facilities plan for training sessions and pet grooming activities that boost your pet’s comfort.

There are many pros why you shouldn’t doubt choosing luxury boarding for your pet. But, you should understand your pet’s needs before selecting any facility to ensure they are in a better place, since each pet has its preferences and needs. Contact  Andes-Straley Veterinary Hospital to learn more about pet boarding.