Obese Pets: 4 Ways to Help Them

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Obesity in our furry friends is a growing problem in the U.S. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 55.8% of dogs and 59.5% of cats (over half of the total pets) are obese. As a pet parent, you might brush off a few extra pounds on your pet, not knowing the health risk they may suffer. Obese pets are predisposed to high blood pressure, respiratory diseases, osteoarthritis, and decreased life expectancy. Therefore, pet parents should know how to deal with obese pets and also ensure that their pets do not grow overweight.

How to Help Obese Pets

1. Keep your pet active

Exercise is crucial to keep your pet’s weight in check. Helping your pet stay active with activities like walking, running, or playing around can help them lose some pounds. Different pets may need different amounts of exercise, so you should consult your vet for guidance.

2. Give them low-calorie treats

Nothing intrigues our furry friends like treats. However, some store-bought treats like biscuits and chews can be fattening, which is why you should choose treats like fruits and vegetables that are low in calories. Foods like cooked carrots and zucchini, steamed broccoli, green beans, and apple slices are good treats to help reduce calorie intake.

3. Feed your pets separately

Some pets may be tempted to overfeed in a multi-pet household out of competition. To avoid this, you can feed your pets separately and supervise mealtime to ensure all pets are feeding right.

4. Consider changing their diet

You can also consider changing your pet’s diet to a “lighter” diet that contains less fat, extra fiber, high-quality lean proteins, and fewer calories.

Alternatively, you can serve them small meals periodically to help with digestion and decrease their desire for treats between meals.

Speak to a vet today about Obese Pets

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