Our Grooming Services

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Grooming is an essential key to proper pet care. It helps keep your animals happy, healthy, and clean. Here is why grooming your pet is so important and what Andes-Straley services can offer.

Importance of Grooming

Think about how often you take care of your own hair, whether it’s brushing, cutting, or washing it. It helps keeps your hair healthy and growing. If we do it for ourselves, why would we not do it for our pets? We should prioritize our pet’s grooming as we do our own. It also allows us to check on our pet’s health. If there are changes in their coat, teeth issues, or even something in their paws pads regular grooming will help you spot that.


Grooming is a great way to prevent future health problems. Matting of coats, overgrown nails, or dirty teeth can lead to serious health issues. Matting can become extremely painful for your dog, which makes brushing even harder. It can lead to skin irritation or even worse, lesions. Overgrown nails can make it difficult for pets to walk, and bad teeth can lead to gum disease. This is why it is so important to take care of your pet’s grooming needs so no other health issues arrive.

Andes-Straley Grooming Services

We have three highly-trained grooming experts that make sure all our animals are well taken care of. We have different packages and options for both dogs and cats. Our groomers share the same philosophy of keeping your pet healthy, comfortable, and pain-free while in their care. If your kitty gets nervous during grooming we also offer sedation to make them feel more comfortable.

If you are interested in learning more about our grooming services, or any other veterinarian services we offer, check us out online here. At Andes-Straley we provide your pets with the best care and individualized treatment plans if necessary. To schedule an appointment you can go online here or call us at (423) 247-4984.