Overview of Our Services

 In Andes-Straley Services

Andes-Straley Veterinary Hospital has been providing pets in the Kingsport area with top-notch quality care since 1947. We offer a variety of services for pets and their humans, here is an overview:

Pet Grooming

Keeping up with your pet’s appearance not only keeps them looking their best, but it’s good for their health as well. Is your pet is overdue for a bath or a nail trimming? Stop by our newly expanded grooming area! Our highly skilled groomers will make your pet’s visit as comfortable as possible. We even offer sedation for our feline visitors. Beak and wing trims are also available for our avian friends.

Luxury Pet Boarding

Our pet boarding facility offers unique features for every species. Dogs are given daily playtime and exercise, and our cat condos come equipped with exercise trees. If you have an exotic pet such as a reptile or a bird, they will be kept in private, peaceful rooms specialized for your animal friend’s ideal climate. Pick-up is offered every day of the week.

Exotic Pet Care

Every animal deserves the best possible care, but not every veterinarian is trained to care for exotic animals. At Andes-Straley, we offer specialized care for all exotic animals including small mammals, avians, and reptiles. We offer routine check-ups, nutritional and behavioral advice, and even a laboratory on-site for any diagnostic tests that need to be done.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Sometimes wild animals need human intervention to help recover from an injury. Our veterinary hospital gives sick wild animals a safe place to recover at their own pace before being released to their natural habitat. We understand how distrust of humans is essential to their survival, and these patients will only receive the amount of medical care needed to adequately treat their injuries.

Pet Photography

Our photography studio is a great place for you to create memories of your cherished furry family member that will last a lifetime. Sessions start at $75.

Your pet is in good hands at Andes-Straley Veterinary Hospital. Let us know how we can help you and your pet today!