Pet Christmas Photos: Tips on How Best to Handle Them

 In Pet Photography

The Christmas festive season is all about spending and sharing with your loved ones. Not just human friends or family members, but also your pet. You might want to have those adorable pet Christmas photos to remind you of the good times with your pet. Getting that loved animal to pose for a picture isn’t easy exercise.

Unlike with people, it is hard to control animals, especially in a photography exercise. It requires special skills, and Christie Dulaney is an excellent pet photographer with a lot of experience, whom you could seek to capture beautiful photos of your pet. We give you the best tricks on how to handle pet Christmas photos.

Having the Photo Taken in a Snowy Background-There is always a connection between Christmas and snow. If you get snow during the Christmas period, you are pretty lucky. Having your pet pose for a photo in a snowy environment brings out the exact Christmas mood.

Using Simple Props to Enhance the Christmas Atmosphere-Using props like Santa hats and paper wrappings on your pet automatically proves that you are in the festive season. It is a great idea, but the pet may not always cooperate. It may be aggressive, and try to put up a fight when you try introducing props to them. However, you can be innovative and place them on the ground instead.

Using a Familiar and Comfortable Environment– is essential that the pet feels safe and comfortable. Use a soft and comfortable Christmas pillow or blanket for the pet to stand or lie. It will make the animal relax and pose, allowing you to take as many photos as you want and bring out the Christmas vibe as well.

Incorporate Christmas Fairy Lights-Having your pet stand or sit in front of these lights will provide a good photoshoot. It also sets the Christmas mood for pet Christmas photos.

Working with pets in photography is not so easy. That’s why we are here to give you the best tricks and tips to handle it. Contact us today.