Pet Grooming: Keep Your Pet Healthy

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Pet grooming is a necessity for our furry family members, to keep them healthy, happy, and comfortable. While you may be tempted to groom them at home to save some money, professional pet grooming is a better option that will not only keep your pets looking great, but will also keep them healthier. Here is why!

Pet Grooming and Early Detection

Professional groomers can detect medical issues that can make your pet sick, possibly saving their life! Any parasites hidden below the fur will be detected and promptly removed via a thorough search making sure that they are parasite free. The groomer will check your pet’s skin as well, making sure that any abnormalities or lesions that can cause or indicate serious — maybe even fatal — problems are detected.

Healthy Coat and Skin

A healthy coat and healthy skin are vital to a happy pet. When the fur mats, it can pull on the skin, creating irritation that can lead to sores and lesions. Unwanted fleas and ticks can also hide in these tangles, making it harder for you to detect them. In addition, a healthy unmatted coat will not shed as much and make cleaning your home a lot easier!

Nail Trimming

Nail trimming is an important step to keeping your pet healthy. If your pet’s nails are trimmed badly, it can cause them discomfort. This discomfort can lead to walking abnormally, creating an unhealthy posture and in some cases, arthritis. If your pet’s nails are not trimmed at all, they can grow long and fold back into their footpads, making walking excruciating.

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