Pet Weight Loss – The Importance

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The Importance of Pet Weight Loss

While chubby and fat animals may be cute to keep as pets, and they most definitely get lots of likes on Instagram, it is important to think about the health and future of your furry companion, and why pet weight loss is important. Obesity in animals, much like humans, has repercussions on the general health of the animal.

  1. Joint Pain

    • In small animals, such as cats, obesity affects joint health. With more weight placed on them by obesity, their joints will deteriorate faster than normal. This can lead to arthritis, joint deterioration, and more. Osteoarthritis is common in both dogs and cats.
  2. Diabetes

    • Much like humans, obesity can lead to diabetes in pets. Common diabetes an overweight pet will develop is called diabetes mellitus. This decreases life expectancy in both dogs and cats. Alongside decreased life expectancy, a lifestyle change for your pets will be in place, as they will require insulin and prescription foods.
  3. Urinary Tract Infections

    • Both cats and dogs are at increased risk for urinary infections and issues. Dogs are more likely to develop urinary incontinence, whereas cats are likely to develop frequent UTIs. Animals can also develop urinary bladder stones, making it both difficult and painful for animals to urinate.
  4. Breathing Difficulties

    • Dogs are more likely to develop breathing issues in their life if they are obese. Obese dogs also have a poorer quality of life compared to normal weight dogs.
  5. Grooming

    • Cats who are obese have greater difficulty grooming themselves. They may not be able to reach certain areas of their body, which can lead to dry, flaky skin and feline acne.

Pet Weight Loss Findings

It is important to keep both yourself and your pet healthy. Keeping your feline or canine companion as healthy as you can ensure they live their life to the fullest, and they live the happiest with their owner. If you need assistance with pet weight loss, please contact us.