Pets Boost Their Humans Health: 4 Ways

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If you have ever felt a rush of happiness when playing with a dog or soothed while petting a kitten during a moment of stress, then you know how great human-pet connections can be. Pets make their owners healthier, more active, and more well-rounded people — sometimes in ways they might not even recognize. Here are some examples of how pets boost their humans health.

1. Pets help us regulate our emotions.

There’s something special about coming home to a pet after a long day of work or seemingly never-ending list of errands. Studies have shown that the endorphins released when humans interact with dogs reduces anxiety and depression, for example. A cat’s purr has a similar effect, as does the friendship of a bird. Lowering such stress has physical and mental benefits, as it reduces pet owners’ chances of suffering from asthma, headaches, heart disease, mood disorders, and chronic inflammation, among other conditions.

2. They get their people moving and experiencing new things.

Adding pets to your home is an easy way to get more exercise. Dogs need walks and sessions playing fetch, which gets you off the couch and outdoors breathing fresh air. Cats also like occasional walks on leashes, and nearly any small animal can be placed in a carrier or pet stroller for a change of scenery. Those outings are great for more than bonding, too, as they often lead to personal growth through new adventures like hiking or backpacking with your pet.

3. Pets make us more accountable.

Animals are largely routine-driven, which means you can’t stay out late if you have one at home anxiously waiting to be fed. Your dog will hold you to walks or meals around the same times every day, and your cat will sprint around the room when she’s ready to play — regardless of whether you’d rather hit the snooze button or keep scrolling on your phone. Their routines make you accountable for your time, which often leads to creating other more productive habits.

4. They connect us with our communities.

Pets are an easy icebreaker. It’s simple to strike up a conversation with other owners at a dog park, pet-friendly restaurant, or while out for a walk. A quick hello and introduction (of both you and your pet) will have you engaging with others in no time — and might even result in long-term friendships with people who have shared interests.

Having a pet is a life-changing experience you will likely cherish. Animals offer us many health benefits just by being our companions, and it’s important to keep your pets just as healthy. Be sure to schedule regular veterinarian visits to stay up to date on preventive care, medications, and other health services.

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