Prep For Your Pet Photography Session

 In Pet Photography

A pet photography session is a wonderful way to celebrate a vital part of your family and have memories to treasure for years to come. Here are some tips to help make the most of your session.

Talk To The Photographer

Please take a few minutes to talk to the photographer before your session and tell them about your pet. What is your pet’s personality? Are there certain habits or quirks to know about before the session, or ones you want to capture? It’s also a good idea to express some of the shots you’d like to have. This will help them capture what makes your pet unique.

Pamper Before

The photos from your shoot will be something you can treasure for a long time. Make sure to take some time before the shoot to groom your pet. Simple touch-ups, such as trimming nails and a bath, can go a long way. Don’t forget to add special touches, including a clean well fitting-collar or other accessories. If you want to give your pet a real treat, try professional grooming before the session.

Come Prepared

No one knows your pet better than you! Make sure to bring some of their favorite toys and treats to the session. It can help to have practical items such as water, a harness, and a brush. All of these items will help your session go smoothly and help your pet feel comfortable the entire time.

Let The Photographer Do Their Thing

The shoot may start with your pet feeling energetic or nervous, but your photographer can handle it. Regardless if your first instinct is to jump in, let the photographer build some trust with your pet. If they need your assistance, they will surely ask you. Stay calm and be supportive so your pet feels more comfortable.

If you are ready to book a session or have any questions about pet photography, contact us! We are excited to photograph such a special member of your family and create memories for you all.