Preventative Flea and Tick Care For Your Pet

 In Pet Care

Understanding Your Resources

Regarding flea and tick care for your pet, it is important to understand the options available. While you can always present your questions about preventative care to a trusted veterinarian, there are also valuable resources that are accessible via the internet. If choosing the latter of the two, it is crucial that you research not only pet-specific options, but also consider if your pet has any preexisting conditions that may make one form of preventative care unavailable to your pet.

Deciding What Is Right for Your Pet

Once you have decided on an appropriate information medium, it is time to evaluate the preventative care options available to your pet. Preventative flea and tick care are available in a variety of remedies, such as:

  • Medicinal treatments
  • Shampoos
  • Flea collars
  • Both chemical and natural forms of spray

Take into consideration the breed of your pet, coat length, their size, their age, other medications (if any), and existing medical conditions before deciding which form of preventative care to choose. It is also helpful to consider the manufacturer of the treatment you have chosen. Through our website, flea and tick treatments are readily available for you and your pet.

Other Forms of Prevention

Aside from using treatments to prevent your pet from bringing fleas and ticks into your home, there are also several other valuable methods to ensuring that your pet and your home stay pest-free.

Remaining Clean

You must bathe your pet regularly, which includes both washing and grooming. This process allows your pet to remain clean while allowing you to inspect their coat for any sign of pests. Similarly, vacuuming carpets and regularly washing linens reduces the risk of pests in the home. This may include regular carpet treatments.


If your pet commonly goes in either your front or backyard, make sure to regularly mow grass and trim any surrounding brush to prevent an overgrowth of pests outside your home. This includes spraying the surrounding areas with a pet-friendly, yard flea spray. Likewise, refrain from leaving food or water outside unnecessarily, as this will not only attract pests but other forms of wildlife.

For more information on preventative flea and tick care, contact us.