Safeguard Your Pet’s Health with Pet Insurance

 In Andes-Straley Veterinary Hospital

Having pet insurance is an integral part of a long-term healthcare plan for your pet. Hopefully, your pet remains healthy throughout his/her life. However, if an unexpected illness or injury occurs, it can quickly become costly to treat. Health insurance will reduce the cost of medical treatment for your pet, so you can focus on what matters most- your cherished animal companion.


Pet insurance is health insurance that will help cover the costs of veterinary care if your pet becomes ill or injured. Having it can significantly reduce the financial impact for you if your pet requires medical treatment. There are many reasons a pet may require veterinarian treatment; some of the more common conditions include ear infections, urinary tract infections, and stomach problems. These conditions commonly affect cats and dogs. Having pet insurance can make it financially easier to afford veterinary care for common ailments as well as for less common circumstances.

When Should You Get It?

Pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. The best time to get it is when you first adopt your new pet. It is ideal to enroll while your pet is young, however you can insure your pet at any age. The risk of health problems increases with age, and it can be beneficial to enroll your pet in a pet insurance plan before any new health problems arise.

Discover the Right Insurance for Your Pet

Pet insurance is as varied as pets themselves. There are many different companies and numerous plans to explore. Some popular options include Nationwide, ASPCA, Trupanion, and Hartville. You can read reviews online or ask your veterinarian for recommendations. Some things to consider when you compare health insurances for your pet include pet type, cost, covered conditions, exclusions, waiting time,  and claims process.

Having pet insurance is an excellent way to prepare for a long and healthy future for your pet. It is beneficial for pets of all ages. There are many plans to explore so you can find the best option for your beloved pet. Andes-Straley Veterinary Hospital cares about you and your pet. Contact us for more information regarding pet.