Senior Care for Your Pets

 In Pet Care

Your pet has been your best friend for many years, always there when you needed someone to care about you. Now he’s older and requires special care from you. There are many ways you can show your best friend just how special he is by giving him the extra care he’s going to need as he ages into his senior years.

Senior Wellness Checkups

Regular wellness checkups are the best way to ensure that your aging pet receives the special care he needs and deserves. Your vet will conduct a thorough general exam of the heart and lungs, sight and hearing, teeth and mouth, general body condition, and any lab analyses that may be deemed wise and necessary. This is an excellent opportunity for you to discuss with your vet any concerns you may have about your senior pet’s health. Regular wellness checkups now empower your vet to treat conditions that may lead to worsening health issues in the future.


Just as our dietary needs change as we grow older, the same is true for our pets. Changes in their metabolism, daily exercise routine and overall physical condition occur as our pets age. They may now need different types and amounts of food to sustain them as they enter their senior years. Your vet will offer advice and recommend dietary changes to help your pet meet the challenges of aging.

Immune System

Older pets are more susceptible to arthritis, skin, coat, and teeth problems, some types of cancer, and internal organ changes. Regular checkups, recommended lab analyses, and diet and supplements (as advised by your vet) will ensure that your pet receives the best senior care.

Exercise and Play

Just because your senior pet isn’t as fast and active as he once was does not mean he no longer needs to exercise, play, and be stimulated. This is important for all ages. Follow your vet’s recommended advice.

The professionals of Andes-Straley Veterinary Hospital are dedicated to keeping your aging pets healthy and happy as they enter their senior years. Please¬†contact us¬†to schedule regular wellness checkups or discuss any concerns about your pet’s health.