Spring Cleaning Safety Tips for Pets Owners

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Spring is a season when plants and animals blossom after months of fidgeting under the cold weather. For most homeowners and specifically households with pets, spring presents an opportunity to de-clutter and do a much-needed deep clean. Spring cleaning with pets requires a lot of attention to detail as some products and cleaning methods may be harmful to your four-legged companion. This post explains the areas to emphasize while cleaning for total spring cleaning safety.

Use Spring Cleaning Safety Products

Harmful cleaning products may be well-documented, but you should still do due diligence on every purchase for spring cleaning safety.  Cleaning products, especially those designed for pet toys, bowls, and beddings, should be free of intoxicating ingredients that might cause negative reactions.

Have Pet-Specific Rooms

Cleaning while your pet roams around the house is retrogressive to your work and dangerous to the pet’s health. Pets should have designated rooms to protect them from hazardous fumes and preserve the home’s sanctity. The best idea would be to let pets roam outside as you clean if you have a big-enough compound.

Thoroughly Clean the Carpets

Carpets and rugs around the house carry a lot of pet fur that can endanger your health and that of the pet. Regular vacuuming not only removes the hair and dust trapped on your carpet but also disease-causing ticks and flies.

Discard Broken Toys

Pets love playing with toys, and it’s common to find them ripping or chewing their toys over time. Damaged toys leave loose objects that, if swallowed, can interfere with a pet’s digestion. Try to replace old toys with new ones and dispose of the damaged ones to secure your pet’s safety.

Go Through Spring Cleaning Safety with a Veterinary

As exciting as spring cleaning is, you must approach cleaning with caution to ensure spring cleaning safety. Talking to a professional veterinary doctor could give you a better perspective on what to do and avoid.  Get in touch with us today for reliable veterinary services, or advice in Kingsport, Tennessee.