Summer Heat And Pets – Interesting Facts

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If you are planning to travel or live in a place that is hot and humid all year round, then there are some things you need to know about summer heat and pets.

Summer heat and pets, together or separately, can be a big problem, especially if you have a pet that is sensitive to temperature. Some dogs are too sensitive to heat, and some are okay with it. You will know if your dog is too hot because they would pant excessively.

With the coming summer season, pet owners need to be responsible towards their furry friends.  Here are some facts you should know about summer heat and pets.

Let’s Get Started

Humans might feel the summer sun as a warm blessing from nature. However, it can be dangerous to animals who have little or no tolerance for it. Therefore, if your dog or cat is not used to the heat of summer, try avoiding taking them out in the daytime.  Instead, opt for later evenings or nights where it is not so hot.

Wearing a collar can be dangerous to animals in summer, especially cats, as they are more likely to struggle with the collar in heat and humidity than dogs.   Instead, you should use a harness for your cat and a leash for your dog when you are walking them.   Also, make sure that collars aren’t too tight around their neck, or else it could cause them to suffocate if they struggle.

The Summer Heat Causes Dehydration

Summer heat can cause dehydration in cats and dogs as they sweat very little.  You should try giving water more often during the day.  Also, make sure that the water bowl is clean at all times to avoid infections.

Many dog owners believe that a sprinkling of salt over their pet’s food can help keep them cool. But, that usually leads to more harm than good, because dogs and cats need a lot of water when it’s hot to absorb the salt.

Instead of keeping your pets locked in air-conditioned rooms throughout the entire summer season, you should try walking them regularly.  If you can’t do this, at least try placing their beds or cages in a ventilated area or else it could lead to health issues like overheating and heart failure.

If you have outdoor pets, then planning for them all through the summer is necessary as not all of them can tolerate heat well.  Planning things will reduce your struggle later on when you are actually in summer with your pets.   Make sure to keep an eye on your pet’s behavior and know if they feel bad in the heat.

Conclusion on Summer Heat and Pets

The discussion on the summer heat and pets is a diverse topic. If you plan to travel or live in a hot and humid area all year round, then you need to know how summer heat affects cats and dogs. Make sure that you are well-prepared for anything that might happen in summer with your pets. If you need more guidance about the summer heat and pets, contact Andes Straley Veterinary Hospital at (423) 378-4443.