Hollie TempletonHospital Administrator

    Hollie has worked in Veterinary Medicine since 2002. She started working part time after school as a Veterinary Assistant. In 2004, she was introduced into managing a small practice while pursuing her Biology Degree at ETSU. In 2008, she joined Andes-Straley Veterinary Hospital and in 2010, Hollie took on the role of practice manager. She is currently working towards her Certified Veterinary Practice Management license and LVT. Hollie has a passion for bully breeds, birds, and exotic medicine. She operates East TN Avian Sky, East Tennessee Wildlife Rehabilitation and Tri-State Veterinary Leadership Group. Hollie has several pets at her home in Blountville which include: 5 cats, 5 dogs, 15 birds, 27 chickens, a miniature pony, 4 horses, 2 ducks, a rabbit, a hedgehog and a fresh water aquarium. She enjoys reading in her spare time. She is an advocate of volunteering her time to helping children. She coaches cheerleading and leads a girl scout troop. She could not do all these things without the help of her husband and their daughter.

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