Terrarium Plants For Exotic Pets

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It’s easy to get carried away at the pet store decor section. There are so many options for just about any exotic pet’s home. A terrarium is an easy way to keep your pet’s tank look new and updated. So if you’re stuck on what to buy, here’s are popular terrarium plants your pet is sure to love.

Reptiles and Amphibians

A terrarium setting is a standard and great way to make your reptile or amphibian feel at home. Living plants provide a natural-feeling habitat that provides coverage, shade, and space to relax. The following terrarium plants are popular options.


The ficus is an expansive live plant and comes in many forms for aquariums. A small ficus would be suit a reptile tank because of its large leaves. Reptiles can use them for hiding; chameleons like these plants most of all.

Pothos Plant

Both amphibians and reptiles are partial to the Pothos plant. Pothos are easy to care for and provide an excellent foundation for climbing.


A fish’s natural living environment usually consists of dense vegetation for eating and hiding. If you want to add a few plants to your fish tank, here are some common ideas.

Amazon Sword

The Amazon Sword plant has softer leaves, which are easy for fish to nibble on. The Amazon Sword is a sturdy plant and requires at least 10 gallons of water and iron-rich fertilizer to thrive in your tank.

Java Fern

If you’d rather your fish not eat your new plants, the Java Fern might be a good fit. The leaves are sturdier and deter fish from chewing on them. As a result, they last longer in your tank!

Caring for an exotic pet is a bit different than your common everyday pets like cats and dogs. You want to ensure you’re providing the proper habitat so your pet can be successful, and terrarium plants can help. At Andes-Straley Veterinary Hospital, we are one of the top providers of exotic pet care in our area. To learn more about exotic pet care, please visit us online here today!