Tips for Training Your New Puppy

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Opening your life and home to a puppy is an exciting time in your life. Puppies are full of energy and want to please their owners almost immediately. It is essential to begin training right away so your new furry friend can adjust to their new life, and so can you! We have compiled a few tips and tricks that will help your dog feel comfortable and follow your house rules!

Kennel or Crate

Introducing your dog to their kennel or crate can often begin as a complicated process. Puppies might feel stressed or nervous being separated from their littermates at the beginning or even their new owners. One purpose of the crate is to provide dogs a place where they can feel safe. It helps them adjust to different places, people, and even sounds. American Kennel Club suggests these five steps will help your puppy with crate training.

  1. Open the crate and put treats or toys inside it.
  2. If you have multiple puppies, feed them separately in open crates.
  3. Put sleepy dogs in crates, so they are more likely to settle and rest.
  4. Crate puppies for short periods and let them out before they start to stress.
  5. Do not force dogs to “cry it out.”


Remember that your space is brand new to this dog, so they need time to adjust. Your dog will not immediately know where they can go or what they can do. Start by providing them a safe and enrichment filled environment. You may start by simply opening your dog’s crate and letting them choose when to come out. If you have other pets, try to keep them closed out of the area the first time your puppy arrives. Your dog will feel confident when they have a space to call their own. Your puppy will have abundant amounts of energy when they first come. You can help them release their energy by providing them different toys to play with. American Kennel Club recommends toys that move, light up, or even make sounds. You can show them different textures like carpet, mats, grass, mulch, and more. Getting to know their environment is the first step for setting your dog up to be successful.

Consistent Training

Crate training, potty training, and behavior training are all important aspects of puppy adjustment. Your dog will become more successful, the more frequent and regular practice is. Make sure to reward your puppy while training, even if they don’t get the hang of it right away. Rewarding them brings a positive association with the actions they are performing. You can start by training your dog with puppy pads and slowly move up to the yard. When teaching your dog proper behaviors, make sure to use the same cues and language so your dog knows. Remember, consistency is key!

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