Vehicle Safety For Your Pets

 In Pet Care

Anytime you are driving, you’ll likely see someone with their dog in the car. There are occasionally other animals, but the most popular are canines. Dogs are known to love car rides and sticking their heads out the window, breathing in all the fresh air. While this is fun and exciting, it is essential to take proper precautions to ensure your pup’s safety. Here are our two tips for keeping your beloved pet safe while in the car!

1. Temperature

This is a massive factor in how to care for your dog while traveling in the car. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, your vehicle can quickly reach a temperature that puts your pet at risk of severe illness and even death within minutes. It might not seem like a hot day outside, but the inside of your car can heat up almost instantly once the air conditioning is off. If you are considering bringing your pup around while you run errands, we suggest you leave them at home. It might be fun for them to ride along and wait for you, but it can turn deadly within minutes.  The outdoor temperatures will directly affect the temperature inside your car. For example, if it is 90 degrees outside, within an hour, your vehicle can become close to 135 degrees. That can be deadly to humans exposed to that temperature for an extended period. If you want to keep your dog safe in warmer weather, leave them at home if you are planning to run errands.

2. Travel

As tempting as it is to let your pooch run around the car, sit on your lap, or stick their head out the window, those aren’t the safest options. There are a couple of ways to secure your dog in the car while you drive. Remember that if your dog is romping around in the car, and you were to get into an accident, it could severely hurt them and you. That is why it is so essential to use one of these few options. Your dog’s size will play a factor in the type of options available.

For smaller dogs, you can opt for a plush carry box. These easy to use boxes attach to the seat and allow your furry friend to keep them elevated with a view of their owner and the road. This helps will smaller anxious dogs who might get nervous, not knowing their surroundings. Make sure to keep your harness on your dog and attach it to the latch in the carry box. For smaller and larger dogs, you can use a dog harness seat belt that secures your pup in one position. This is an excellent option for well-behaved dogs who just like to relax. Another option is a zipline harness. This allows your dog the ability to move around more while safely keeping them restrained. Other options for older or larger dogs include back seat barriers, back seat hammocks, and the classic crate. For more information on each option, check out The Bark’s safety options here.

For more information on vehicle safety for your pet, check out Andes Straley Veterinary Hospital. At Andes-Straley, we are committed to providing the best care for your pet. We offer individualized treatments for your pet. If you’re getting ready for a trip, contact us, and we can help you prepare your pet for the ride. If you would like to schedule an appointment, visit us online here, or you can reach us at (423) 378-4443 today! Keep your pup safe during your car rides!