Want An A+ Travel Rating From Your Pet?

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If you are an animal lover with upcoming travel plans that includes an accompanying pet, you’ll have things to consider. Your first few considerations are going to their safety and comfort. There are a few standard methods for securing the security of your pet. The obvious for dogs might include seat belts and car seats, designed specifically for canines. Cats and smaller animals might be easier to crate or cage, but then what? The following are a few safety tips and comfort ideas for an A+ travel rating from your pet.

Safety Tips

  • Position the crate or cage securely with other travel items in the vehicle. You will want to consider the crate/cage door openings so treats are accessible, and your pet is available for a quick exit in case of an emergency. Additionally, you might consider your beloved’s view. A calm pet tends to be a safer pet.
  • Lining the crate with a favorite blanket and some soft toys can cushion any turbulence they may experience over their journey. Doing so also provides familiar smells and feels that bring the comforts of home.
  • Keeping windows lowered at safe levels, as well as the stereo volume, are both small considerations made on your pet’s behalf.

Comfort Ideas

  • Our pets are just like our children, and as with our children, we refrain from allowing them drinks too close to travel time. Make sure to take time for bathroom breaks before the trip begins. This will help keep your pet comfortable and less anxious during transport.
  • Calming treats can go a long way for your crated animals. Several natural and effective treats provide relief from the anxiety pets may experience while traveling. Some regular treats and access to water (if needed) won’t hurt either.
  • Covering your animal’s crate may offer a more relaxed atmosphere (depending on your particular pet). For bird and reptile owners, covering the crate can provide a safe space, simulating a sleep time environment. Hopefully, your traveling companion opts for a nap and snoozes through the whole thing!

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