Why Should You Choose Doggy Daycare?

 In Andes-Straley Services

Need trusted and reliable care for your pet? Doggy Daycare is just what you need! Over the past few decades, pet owners have commonly relied on boarding or kenneling services for their furry companions. However, a recent shift in the animal industry has introduced the concept of dog daycare, also known as doggy daycare, which provides short-term daytime care for dogs. This alternative has surged in popularity compared to traditional boarding. If you’re contemplating whether your dog should partake in daycare, here are the reasons why it might be beneficial!


During your absence, your beloved pet will receive continuous supervision at the daycare facility. Trained staff members engage with your dog throughout the day, ensuring their well-being. These professionals are adept at discerning the ideal environment for each pet, fostering a happy and healthy experience for your furry friend.


A significant advantage of doggy daycare is the opportunity for socialization. Dogs not only interact with humans but also engage with other dogs in the facility. This environment encourages playful interactions and helps dogs develop their social skills, regardless of age.


Exercise is essential for every dog’s well-being. While breeds may vary in their exercise needs, all dogs benefit from regular playtime. Daycare offers ample opportunities for your pet to romp around, play with peers, and expend energy. Activities may include walks, training sessions, group play, and relaxation periods.


Daycare facilities may offer additional training services tailored to your pet’s needs. Consistent reinforcement of behavior training aids in retaining learned commands and behaviors. Your dog can practice existing skills and even learn new tricks under the guidance of experienced trainers.

If you’re in the Kingsport area seeking dog daycare services, Andes-Straley is here to assist. As a comprehensive veterinary and animal hospital, we offer a range of services including doggy daycare, pet grooming, boarding, and exotic animal care. Committed to providing top-notch animal care in Tennessee, our daycare program ensures your dog thrives in a safe and enriching environment. For more details, visit us online or call (423) 378-4443 today.