Why Use A Professional Pet Grooming Service?

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Every pet owner knows that a regular pet grooming service is essential to their pet’s health & hygiene. Along with the benefits to your animal’s health & happiness, a well-groomed pet will keep your home smelling fresh and your furniture clean! Have you dropped the hassle of grooming your own pet and swapped to a professional grooming service yet? Here’s why you should.

Why Use A Professional Pet Grooming Service?

Keeps Grooming on a Schedule

Booking regularly scheduled appointments with a grooming service means your pet will never skip a bath. When we take grooming into our own hands, time can get away from us and before we know it, the dog hasn’t been bathed in months! This can lead to overgrown nails, an unhealthy coat, and an increase in shedding. Your groomer can advise you on how often your pet should visit, and you will be able to book ahead & add their appointments into your schedule.

Ensures Full Body Care

Bringing your pet to a groomer is like sending them to a spa-day. During their appointment, time and attention are entirely dedicated to your furry friend. Depending on the service you book, your pet will receive “the works,” including bathing, nail trimming, and even the grosser task of expressing their anal glands. These are tasks you may not be comfortable with or have the time to complete at home, but they are crucial to your animal’s overall health.

Allows For Mental Stimulation

Oftentimes we don’t realize how small our pets’ worlds are. Many animals don’t often get the chance to leave their home & yard, and therefore lack proper mental stimulation. Bringing your pet to a groomer allows them the excitement of a car ride and time spent with other animal lovers. Some facilities might even offer pet socialization time for animals! While your dog might hate baths at home, they could end up loving trips to the groomer because they will associate it with fun.

“Problem Pets” Are Not A Problem

If your pet is especially anxious about nail trims or other aspects of the grooming process, professional facilities have access to the proper tools to ensure your animals’ safety. They can make sure the job gets done without risking injury to your pet or themselves. Choosing a veterinary practice that offers grooming services adds the option of sedation if necessary, and the staff will discuss this with you beforehand.

Helps Spot Health Concerns

If you send your animal to a groomer, an important responsibility as an owner is to ensure that you send them to a quality facility staffed with animal professionals. Along with ensuring a proper grooming & standard safety practices, an animal expert can spot signs of concern that you might not know to look out for. Catching issues early on could minimize the impact of skin issues, ear infections, tumors, and more.

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