Wildlife rehab: Sick, Abandoned or Injured Wildlife

 In Wildlife Rehabilitation

Wildlife rehab is the treatment or special care given to abandoned, injured or sick wild animals. Wild animals require special skills and knowledge to handle, as they can get more stressed easily in captivity, which may end up doing more harm than good to them. It is therefore important to reach out to the professionals once you identify such an animal. Remember, handling it on your own may cause more harm to the animal or you might even get yourself or your pets injured because of poor handling.

What to do after identifying a sick or injured animal

First, assess the condition of the animal at a safe distance, as some will still be aggressive even when weak. Look for the injuries if present and try to identify their symptoms. This helps to avoid causing more injury to the animal when transporting them to a wildlife rehab. Remember to use protective clothing like gloves to avoid direct contact with the animal.

As you’re handling the animal, avoid grabbing them to scare or stress them more. Reach it slowly and in a friendly manner, then move it to a safer place.

Seeking wildlife rehab services

The injured or abandoned wild animal might experience minor injuries or just stacking in muddy ground, a hole or a bush. In such a situation, you would just require you to help them regain freedom and release them. But in major situations like sickness or broken bones, you will need to seek help from the veterinarian. At Andes-Straley Hospital, we have excellent skills and knowledge of handling and treating wild animals until they regain their health.

With the help of our qualified vets, we assess the condition of the animal and decide on the best treatment to offer. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for help or to get more information on wildlife rehab.