Exercise for dogs: Best form of exercise for your dog

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Exercise for dogs: Best form of exercise for your dog

How do you show affection to your dogs? I will inform you today that offering a delicious treat and being around them need not be the only approach. Exercise for dogs is another for care for your dog. There are various ways to ensure that your dog maintains physical activeness either in the comfort of your house yard or away from it. Most importantly, your dog stands to benefit greatly from the exercises. Exercise for dogs is essential for their overall physical and mental wellbeing.

How much does my dog need to exercise?

Overall experts recommend that dogs get one to two hours of physical exercise on a daily basis. The amount of exercise time you avail to your dog should vary depending on its breed, age, and tolerance. Dogs will never have the same exercise needs. As a pet keeper, it is advisable to study your dog to understand its agility by observing signs of lameness, excessive panting, and wheezing during physical exercise. Essentially, the baseline is to provide just enough exercises without overdoing it. Also seek veterinarian advice where possible.

Importance of exercises for my dog

Like human doctors advise individuals to maintain some level of physical activeness for better health, animals also require the same to maintain good health. Dogs are naturally active. Allowing this trait to thrive for your dog has immense benefits including:

  • Preventing obesity and heart diseases
  • Boosting their confidence
  • Building their agility
  • Improving their sleep quality
  • Weight loss
  • Reducing gastrointestinal troubles
  • A tired dog is always calm. Exercises will help your dog avoid annoying behaviors such as tearing things and excessive barking.

Different forms of exercise for my dog

Most of you keep dogs for companionship, right? Here is the good news, your dog could be your companion during physical exercise. It is possible to develop an exercise routine with that could boost your health and that of your dog. Exercises choice for your dog fall under two major categories, that is, outdoor and indoor activities.

Outdoor exercises

Outdoor exercises can be undertaken away from the comfort of your home compound. They include:

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Dog sports such as tag of war

Indoor exercises

If you are too lazy to go out, or the weather is too harsh for outdoor physical exercise, the following activities could keep your dog physically active.

  • Indoor tug-of-war
  • Indoor hunts
  • Indoor obstacle jumping
  • Hide and seek

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